4 Insanely Easy Tips To Kickstart Your Running In NYC

Ready to run?  Here are some tips to help you get started.

1.  Central Park’s bridle path 


This a soft dirt path that is easy on the joints and a great starting point for beginners.  Half way around the path are the tennis courts — they have clean bathrooms that are easily accessible from the path.  When you run, go for distance rather than time – take it slow and don’t worry about your pace.  Walk if you have to.  Build up milage gradually.

2.  Strava (or comparable app) to log your runs


Measure your improvement by using the Strava app to log your runs.  I follow people who inspire me and it is relatively easy to use.  It will also help you find nearby running routes when you are looking for a new path.

3.  Running gear

Nathan’s Waist pack: http://www.rei.com/product/880134/nathan-mirage-pak-waistpack

Cliff Shot Bloks: http://clifbar.com/products/clif-shot/shot-bloks

Other than the obvious — a good pair of sneakers and running outfit, it also helps to get a small waist pack (don’t worry about the potential fashion faux pas —  it conceals underneath your shirt).  I use this small waist pack that stretches out to hold everything I need when I leave my apartment for a run in the city — it expands enough to hold my mammoth iPhone 6 plus, money, metro card and a small snack (I love the delish vegan Cliff Shot Bloks).

4.  Sign up for a race!


There is a 5k race every weekend in New York City, and running a race is a lot of fun.  You are surrounded by crowds of supportive people and the atmosphere is exhilarating.

Crossing the finish line. Dunzo!!!
Crossing the finish line. Dunzo!!!

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